Jamie McCracken (jamiemcc) wrote,
Jamie McCracken

Tracker 0.6 released

Just released a new version of tracker which is bursting with tons of cool new functionality

As you can see from the above screenshot, we have used a sidebar to separate service categories (we flirted with tabs before but they were not HIG compliant). You also asked for a better GUI and more services indexed and we have delivered big time on this. All major services are now indexed (files, emails, chat logs). We are also leading the way to a semantic desktop with tagging everywhere.

New features:

* Evolution Emails (mbox/pop/imap) now indexed
* Gaim/Pidgin chat logs now indexed
* Applications now indexed
* New files indexed - all spreadsheets, csv files (these require gnumeric) and oo draw
* Vastly improved and new search UI using a sidebar for categories and a new metadata tile
* Tagging support in the UI
* New tracker-preferences UI for easy setting of prefs
* Tons of bug fixes - all major bugs squished!
* libtracker-gtk widget toolkit
* Now uses XDG directories
* Optimised triple store
* Handles multiple triple stores (files, emails and user data are all separate dbs for speed and safety)
* User defined and indexed data are stored separately
* New IDF based ranking algorithm
* XMP metadata support added
* Made use of async calls in UI to prevent UI freezing
* Added 60 second delay before indexing
* Added support for crawling directories without watching overhead
(very useful for indexing source code without causing slowdowns when
compiling - an often requested feature from devs who find tracker slows down their compiling when watching)

Its been a while coming but we wanted to fix all the major bugs and the new services (emails especially) introduced more bugs which took a fair bit of time to nail.

Apologies to the bugsquad who have been waiting a few months for some fixes to stop dupes coming through. I guess we will need to release far more frequently in future rather than take months to fix too much in one go.

Big thank you to the many and awesome contributors to tracker who have made this release really rock - Im confident its all been worth the wait!

PS Also dont forget our new config UI :


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