August 6th, 2007

Tracker will be in Gutsy and on by default

As mentioned on Digg : Finally Ubuntu will add fast indexed search Tracker to Gutsy

This means Gutsy tribe 4 will ship tracker in main and be on by default :)

This has been our number one goal (as ubuntu is my fav distro) and its real great for tracker to get the recognition it deserves. It should also mean that tracker will be thoroughly integrated into ubuntu with nautilus and deskbar support out of the box (in the future we will add Rhythmbox and Epiphany support too so they can benefit from tracker - just need XESAM to be implemented first)

Its also not just about search as tracker has one big advantage over nearly all other indexers - its a metadata store that can deliver a semantic desktop with tagging, shared metadata, big performance improvements and a host of features that will help deliver a next generation desktop (see my guadec slides for more info here)

I just can't wait to integrate it more...

Vala == Voila!

Another great technology called Vala is also getting the recognition it deserves.

I had been keeping a close eye on Vala since day one and to be honest not a lot of people were paying attention to this fantastic project. I was glad I met Juergbi at Guadec as I hoped to change that situation.

I nagged him to do a talk on Vala at Guadec and sure enough the word spread amongst the devs and now lots of them are digging it

I nagged him the other day to add Duck Typing to vala so Dbus method calls could be done like interface.method (just like python) and he has delivered (Duck Typing is also cool for doing Window.Widget instead of doing glade_xml_get_widget for UIs)

so pls check out Vala and if you find something is missing or want a cool feature goto #vala on gimpnet and nag Juergbi!

We desperately need stuff like Vala in our platform and as a way to rapidly create desktop apps (without the need of a big sucky VM!) and I have high hopes for it.

Go Vala and big thank you to Jurg!