January 26th, 2007

Tracker 0.5.4 - Speed Daemon

A new much improved version of tracker is now available for your enjoyment.

Tarball :

New Features :

* Indexing at *ludicrous* speed - massively optimised indexing so its now 10x faster than previous version. Indexing speeds are now around 100 text files per second (which is about the maximum possible considering the I/O time to read 100 files from a hard drive). You wont find many indexers faster than this!

* Index while you work - now scheduled even better so it should never slow the system down whilst allowing users to work without being affected by or even noticing it.

Tracker will not hammer your system nor consume unreasonable amounts of memory and is virtually unobtrusive in daily use.

Also provides additional --throttle command line parameter to customise throttling even further so no need to endure noisy fans or hot laptops while indexing. The throttle param can take a value between 0 (fastest) and 20 (slowest) allowing for fine tuning (not that you will need it in most cases as the default value 0 should not slow your system down)

* New verbosity param to control how much data is shown on screen and in log

* Fixed mplayer backend which is now used if gstreamer backend returns no metadata

* Improved reaping of all spawned apps - no more zombies!

* Improved mime and text file detection

* Added improved deskbar-handler

* Got tracker to run nicely on FUSE based filesystems

Tracker is rapidly evolving into the best application in its class with virtually unbeatable indexing speed, excellent memory efficiency, rock solid stability, high quality snowball stemmers, blazing fast search and of course our semantic web RDF-like metadata database (which no other indexer currently provides) which should give us the edge over competing platforms like OS/X and Vista.

The only thing missing is more service support and the good news is that's now on the way. Our email code is 99% there but it needs a wee bit more testing and our gui updated for it so expect it within the next two weeks.

Also on the agenda is additional built in support for Chat logs and desktop files (applications). On top of that we are planning to use desktop files to specify third party extractors, filters and external services to be indexed. So keep your eyes peeled for a big increase in service support in tracker!