July 17th, 2006

Word of mouth advertising does work!

In my previous blog entry about Tracker, some people complained Tracker was not being as well marketed as it should. My reaction has always been to let the users do the marketing for me via word of mouth. The thoery being if a product really is a good thing then users will hear about it, try it out and sing its praises to other users and so on. It really is the best form of marketing IMO (and also the one that requires the least amount of effort on my part!)

Well I'm happy to report that it appears to be working and Tracker is quickly gaining momentum. Users are already generated some buzz wih Tracker on the ubuntu forums

Wait til they get a load of the really cool new first class objects and rich dbus interfaces coming in the next version (most of which I have just checked into cvs but it needs a little more work/testing before the official release is made)

But more on that in another post...

(incidentally if any budding web site designers want to create a cool web site for tracker which I can host then let me know)