Jamie McCracken (jamiemcc) wrote,
Jamie McCracken

Why Android and Meego should merge

I have to say there is quite a lot I like about Android but there's always a few things that are done better in Meego (like not needing a constant Internet connection to use GPS maps and of course tracker integration!).

Meego is also more open to different developer languages of course so it occurs to me that merging Android and Meego would be an ideal scenario for both developers and end users.

With the recent Oracle suit, a merge would provide a good deal of insulation from a possible negative outcome in the case and at the same time provide a means to move away from Java completely if needed. Whilst I cant see Intel or Nokia objecting, given that it will propel them into market leaders, the big question however is would Google stomach such a move and give away some of the power and influence it has achieved to date?

Whilst Google proclaims its "do no evil" stance, it should not be forgotten that absolute power corrupts as well and were Google to knock out Apple and steal Microsoft's crown as well (Android + Chrome could be a killer in the enterprise desktop), who can possibly say Google would not become evil or at least a shade of grey in that department. A safeguard against that is to make sure power is shared and distributed such that no one company can take matters into their own hands. Thus a merge now is not only potentially good for everyone but vital to safeguard the future

On technical matters, a merge should not be a big deal. Whilst Android does not use X, it should not be hard to port Android to use it. Sandboxing is best done in the kernel IMO and there is already a neat JIT available for most lanaguages (LLVM) so portability wont be sacrificed either. I cant see Android losing anything and Meego would acquire a java platform in addition to its native platform

And last but not least, a merge would create a more friendly name too - Ameego :) (At least thats better than MeegoDroid!)

P.S. Yeah I know it will probably never happen but if Google is smart enough not to repeat the mistakes of Microsoft, it will know the value of sharing its power with friendly companies who can help it fend off patent attacks (the more defensive patents you have the better) and more importantly stop itself from acquiring too much power for its own good

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