Jamie McCracken (jamiemcc) wrote,
Jamie McCracken

Best possible UK government

Normally Im turned off by elections in the UK - its just a great big lying campaign IMHO.

Also as my job is done online and I can work anywhere in the world, I have consequently left the UK for a better climate (not to mention to legally escape its pernicious taxes and endless form filling as well) so whoever is elected would not affect me personally

But this time it was fascinating and amusing to watch all the twist and turns (especially bigotgate).

I must admit I feared the worst for my country but the end result of a Tory-Lib Dem coalition is probably better than anything else.

First and foremost, Britain needs another Thatcher to sort out the awful fiscal mess left by the previous reckless administration which was obviously made a damn sight worse by the recession. Its frankly staggering that the UK is being compared to Greece on that front. With the Tories now back in power we should get at least some much needed improvement in that area

But what about the nightmarish hell that Blair/Brown descended on Britain in plunging us into wars and jumping into bed with Bush? Would the Tories be just as bad there? Well not when they are being propped up by the somewhat anti-American, anti-war Lib Dems. The end result is no more wars for the foreseeable future which should be a good thing even if Obama should lose out in a few years time

Other negatives for the Tories like their support of big business (also a negative for Labour) should also be moderated by the Lib Dems.

And with the Tories and Lib Dems appearing to be rather pragmatic and each sacrificing their more controversial policies, the end result, if it works, should be a very good, moderate and balanced government

Now lets see if we can persuade them to adopt more open source and help their budget deficit out at the same time...

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