Jamie McCracken (jamiemcc) wrote,
Jamie McCracken

Desktop Nirvana

As the desktop Summit draws to a close, I feel I have to point out what I thought was by far the best and most exciting thing I saw.

For me the award goes to Moblin 2 - it absolutely rocks and I want it on my desktop (and im considering making a desktop variant which would be more suitable than the current one which is obviously designed for small screened netbooks)

Moblin screenshot 1

Why does it rock?

If you attended the Moblin talk you already know the answer - its rocktastic design. The design that is sadly not always evident in other open source application.

Now dont get me wrong - there has always been varying degrees of successful design in Gnome, KDE and even Windows. But when it comes to the Apple standard of design, you either have it or you dont. And right now, Moblin apart, we are not even close!

With integrated web services, social desktop features and a really neat clutter based UI on top of rocktastic design - what more could you want?

(well ok besides tracker integration, vala/genie as dev language, use of favourite window manager like compiz etc etc which can all be done in a desktop variant)

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July 11 2009, 14:01:21 UTC 12 years ago

what more could you want?
a desktop that is build on open and free web services and programs that do not tie the desktop into proprietary platforms trying to monetize you and your activities.
Given that the user can choose what web services to use, I dont see it as tied to anything in specific

However I agree we do need more free and open web services and give them preference.


July 11 2009, 14:16:52 UTC 12 years ago

If you make a desktop variant, I will be your first user :P
Moblin looks really interesting, albeit too tightly hooked into intel (i.e. AFAIK I can't run it on my nvidia laptop). If you go for a desktop release, it would most definitely be interesting.
The only thing that just might challange this, is Google's ChromeOS
I would love to see moblin running on opensolaris too, especially with the recently announced arm port we could come up with some pretty nifty devices...


July 11 2009, 14:54:45 UTC 12 years ago

I thought GNOME 3.0 Shell will be the Mutter/Clutter desktop variant.
My plans are more for converting the moblin panel to a dock at the bottom of the screen (like os/x) and i dont see any reason you could not run it in conjunction with Gnome-shell (as separate proceses of course)

Although Moblin uses mutter as its shell (and integrates its panel in mutter), I dont see why the desktop variant could not be a shellless dock and hopefully would not tie you into using mutter so you could use compiz, gnome-shell or metacity as WM

Alternatively you could run a moblin desktop variant as a stand alone desktop or with traditional gnome panels or with KDe or other desktops


July 11 2009, 16:41:42 UTC 12 years ago

why does noone here wanna use Mutter?

Is the next Metacity. End of discussion.

And it's probably great (because actual metacity already is).

Well, it does not have wobbly windows, but who gives a damn?
A dock does not require tight integration with a WM -its WM agnostic


July 11 2009, 17:30:21 UTC 12 years ago


there are some really nice apps, so being able to run them on the desktop would be awesome :)
You can already run them on the desktop, honest. They're just not normally optimised for your screen size. The browser is pretty awesome on a big screen though.


July 11 2009, 20:44:26 UTC 12 years ago

Sadly the browser doesn't build for me.
(due to mozilla headless not building, wondering why you didn't use WebKit instead?)

the screensize argument seems funny to me, as I have seen 10" netbooks with a higher resolution than my 15.4" notebook... :D
Resolution and physical size are not the same thing! Combine that with the dubious pointing devices on netbooks and you have a slightly challenging environment for design. But you make a good point, the apps are awesome on the desktop!
Glad you liked the talk and the project. We're certainly very keen for loads of the infrastructure and apps to 'get bigger'. Let us know your ideas and, as ever, 'patches welcome' ;-)
Thanks - I think Moblin has a very bright future and Im sure we can help each other

Plans are basically to detach it from mutter and create a standalone dock for the panel. Resize of the apps if necessary so they are comofotable on the desktop

From then on, basically integrate tracker for all metadata and remove redundant bits (Bickely) and add tracker searching and tagging

I guess we will want to extend the apps and NBTK to make it more powerful but I would like to leave design to you guys :)

I would like to see more vala/genie as an alternative to c simply for productivity and easy maintenance of code. Its very easy to integrate vala with existing C libs and apps