Jamie McCracken (jamiemcc) wrote,
Jamie McCracken

Tracker at Gran Canaria

Unfortunately I only arrived Saturday night so I missed the fun with Stallman's keynote - hopefully a video will be forthcoming (I dont really care about the patent state of mono as Im just a guy that prefers native code for apps but it would be boring if there weren't anything controversial!) .

But I was in time to see the metadata session with Jos stream analyser and Ivan's presentation on tracker.

Tracker 0.7 is going to blow the bloody doors off and more!

The new architecture where tracker is split into a separate storage component (no indexing or monitoring just pure storage and query) and various optional providers (EG File indexing and monitoring, Facebook/flickr indexing, etc) should help revolutionise things.

Want the shared metadata capability and sparql querying of tracker store without the file indexing - no problem!

Want optional web service integration - no problem!

Want to provide your own custom providers - no problem!

Its tracker just the way you want it

Also good news for file indexing - its faster, leaner and much much more lighter on your system - heck it runs smoothly on maemo on N810 so you can be sure its gonna rock on your more powerful desktop

At some point in the near future, Im likely to write a new desktop shell/UI in Vala/Genie/Clutter that can fully utilise tracker and its web service integration but more on that later. Im very happy that Nokia and Codethink are both working on tracker backend which should free me up to do more front end work. More of my short term plans are to rewrite the tracker-search-tool to take advantage of the fantastic power that the next version of tracker will bring

Im also keen to get timeline and file audit info into tracker and nepomuk so we can do similar things to zeitgeist (which can use tracker as a backend as well) and will be needed by my new shell plans

Watch this space!

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