Jamie McCracken (jamiemcc) wrote,
Jamie McCracken

Pandora's Box...

has just been opened

Microsoft is doing another SCO but this time with patents as it gets a patent troll staffed by former microsoft execs to launch a patent assault on Red Hat and Novell.

Of course MS is funding this - no sane company would ever sue open source companies as the massive pain for very little gain would not make business sense

SCO for instance incurred the wrath of the community so much that it received death threats and had to employ bodyguards as well as being fought to the death in court.

On no account must Red Hat or Novell cave in and pay their bogus claims as it will land a killer blow in the propaganda/FUD war being waged by MS. I hope a common fund will be set aside to combat all future claims that will further deter patent aggression as protagonists will know their claims will be fought all the way to the bitter end

I hope the execs in Novell wake up and smell the coffee - being microsoft's poodle will not stop them stabbing you in the back. MS is the common enemy of all open source and we will kill them - I dont care if MS improves its behaviour in the future for I and others will do everything in our power to destroy them and their crappy appalling technology and standards.

Let it be in no doubt that Microsoft must die and every one must do their duty to smash their monopoly. For their empire is built on sand and their own users have nothing but apathy for them. The only thing that props them up is their over engineered bloated crap thats designed to enforce vendor lock-in but with an increasing desire by governments and other agencies to use open standards, MS is effectively living on borrowed time - but on no account must we give them more time.

We must not allow MS to abuse FOSS to further their own interests and thats why Im also fully with Sun controlling OpenOffice so long as they stop OpenXML filters getting in.

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