Jamie McCracken (jamiemcc) wrote,
Jamie McCracken

Tracker 0.6.6

Hot on the heels of 0.6.5, I've rolled out another release of tracker


0.6.5 and 0.6.6 now make indexing a really smooth and relatively bug free experience.

Our most important feature is the new smart pause feature in the applet which can automatically pause the tracker daemon whenever the user presses a key or moves the mouse during heavy indexing merging. This makes indexing completely non-intrusive when computer is in use by user and no slowdowns should be evident at all. Default setting is to auto pause the merge state only which provides a nice balance between index speed and non-intrusiveness (can be set to pause all indexing if desired or turned off for maximum index speed).

Another great and currently unique feature of tracker is the ability to temporarily blacklist files that change frequently and index them much later on (or on next restart of tracker). This prevents needlessly indexing downloads and torrents which have not been fully downloaded yet. Coupled with the already intelligent pausing that tracker has whenever it detects other applications writing to disk (IE when compiling source code) and you have the best non-intrusive indexing on the market as well as one of the fastest.

One really annoying issue with tracker doing an extremely cpu heavy sqlite corruption scan on startup whenever it was not shutdown cleanly (depending on your db size this could last up to 30 minutes at 100% cpu and on battery too!) has now been removed. Its one area of SQLite that really sucks and needs to be optimised before we use it again. We have instead made sure tracker always shuts down smoothly and cleanly to do away with the need for the costly precautionary scan (which is not really required in any event).

We have also fixed a few other annoying issues with the applet - we have removed most of the messages and we have replaced the applet's popup with a tooltip which now displays status and progress.

And finally Im pleased to say (having spent the bulk of our time on this) all the significant bugs which surfaced in gutsy have now pretty much been fixed.

I would also like to thank Sun And Nokia for supplying a load of paid developers to work on tracker too - its almost an embarrassment of riches as I have to find work for them but its a lovely problem to have :)

(and we will need them for the next major tracker version but more on that later...)
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